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mixin' up the 60s and 70s
mixin’ up the 60s and 70s

Las Vegas, you beautiful beast, your welcome has been warm!!!

So I arrived in Vegas about two months ago and let me tell ya, there is SO MUCH work here for entertainers and models!!! The city has been keeping me very busy.

Official TV Business!
Official TV Business!

First off, I got to work for a TV network (cough*NBC*cough) for pilot season. I made some fantastic new friends (!!!) and learned a LOT about how pilots are tested after they are filmed so they can be picked up or rejected by the networks that are considering them. It’s actually really interesting – once a pilot is written and someone decides to produce it, they cast it, shoot and edit it. Then they give it to the Preview Center (that’s where I was!), who grabs a specific number of people off the street (in every demographic the network is targeting) and has them each sit down in front of their own private flat screen and watch the new pilot before it’s released! Then they do a touch-screen survey at the end where they can tell the TV network what they liked and didn’t like about the episode (or double-episode pilot, if that’s the case). The network uses this information to decide if they need to write out a character no one liked, or re-cast an actor who was unpopular in the test group, or go ahead and green light the show as it is. Then, the network then PAYS THE VIEWERS CASH (or a casino buffet and show tickets, if they preferred) for their time and for helping them decide how popular the show would be. This way they lessen the chance that they spend a BUNCH more money to produce a show that will bomb (which, I guess, doesn’t always work out, haha). This season they paid people anywhere form $15 to $50 just to watch a sneak peek of the new shows.
Um, this is how they test TV pilots every year, every season… WHY has no one ever asked ME to do this?! I mean, right? That’s one of those things you WISH someone would walk up and ask you to do. Watch an episode of a brand-new TV show for cash.
This may shock and surprise you… but a ton of people actually said NO to this!! They thought it was a scam or a timeshare, haha! This is what it’s come to, people. This is what it’s come to.

Louise and Tina Belcher make an appearance!!
Louise and Tina Belcher make an appearance!!

So once pilot season ended, my schedule opened back up. I have been able to go out and discover some of the lesser-known facts about how Vegas works. I’m not a pro “local” yet, I still need to figure out where to get cheap show tickets and the like, but I did learn about the organized, efficient system that Fremont Street has come up with for its sidewalk performers. Hollywood Boulevard could learn a thing or two!! It’s actually a LOT like Dublin’s system at the City Centre…
There’s a little booth just off the center of Fremont Street where new and old performers can check in and get/update their badge, which has a QR code and performer number on it. The badge must be displayed while they are performing. Then, they are assigned a poker chip number – All along Fremont Street there are giant, numbered poker chips designs on the concrete, specially-measured to be a reasonable distance from vendors and casino entrances so as not to distract from their business. The performer can stand on any coin/chip they want if it isn’t busy, but during the rush hours they have their assigned spot. Every three hours, they have to rotate to another coin or go home, giving another performer a chance. The booth knows when you check in if any spots are available. It’s really organized, and very cool. The best part? The performers on Fremont are some of the NICEST people I have met here!! They’re a tight community, everyone really supports each other and no one fights over a spot…. except for one (“pirate,” maybe? It’s hard to say what she’s supposed to be) chick, who everyone seems to know is rude, rude, rude. I guess every group has that one person, right?
There’s a guy who wears one of those Borat, over-the-shoulders g-strings. NO ONE walks by this guy without taking a picture of him. You can’t help it! It’s just not something you see every day (if you don’t live here). But this guy? The most CHARMING dude ever. Very cool to talk to, super nice to people. He is charming enough that even uptight-seeming people end up taking the most risque photos with him. It’s really a sight to see.

My biggest fan (for a night), Hannah <3
My beautiful “groupie” (for a night), Hannah <3

I’ve done a few comedy shows since I got here in Vegas, but will hopefully do them more often now that my schedule is more open. I’ll update this blog with my next shows!

I’ve been working behind-the-scenes on creating a traveling variety show I’ll be producing soon, too. It’ll be once a month in four different venues, one show every week, featuring something for everyone – comedy, celebrity impersonators, magic and music! And since it’s my show, you’ll of course be able to meet and take pictures with the performers afterward. And expect some exciting names 😉 As SOON as I get the details set in stone I’ll be posting about it here and everywhere else I can think of. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, be sure to keep an eye out for it!!

"Marilyn" gets a kiss from the LV Arts District
“Marilyn” gets a kiss from the LV Arts District

Stay tuned for other updates, too, as you seriously never know what Vegas will send me to next!! And if you’re not following me on Instagram yet, that’s where I update the most often, followed by my facebook Fan Page, and twitter is where I post all my new one-liners as I think them up! And you can always contact me through the website here to hire me for gigs and appearances, princess parties and trade shows!

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