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Wearing Many Hats!

Autumn is especially hectic for me this year!
It started off with filling the role of Marilyn Monroe for ICN TV’s “The Return of the Superstars” (video is now up on my videos page!), and is continuing into comedy shows, puppets and commercials, and even a little theatre!!
I like to keep my blogs short and sweet, so I’ll go ahead and get down to the nitty gritty!

First things first – John Clark and I are now hosting a comedy show in Morro Bay, CA, so we actually designed and built a couple of puppets to be our “stars” in a few late-night commercials! The puppets pay homage to the historic Morro Bay Rock and the falcon sanctuary on his backside (oh my)!
Our headliner for October is the wonderful ED GREER, and the show will also feature Quincy Weekly!
This excitement will be at Osaka Joe’s Sushi (3118 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA) on…

**FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th and
**SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27th, both running from 9pm until 10!
These two shows are also a fantastic Halloween party, with a pumpkin pinata, a costume contest, and of course, great fun and great sushi. FREE ENTRY and FREE PARKING, how can you miss this??

If you are just dying for some entertainment and you can’t wait for the 26th (and who can??), get our your fishnets and join me at a one-time-only performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” LIVE at Cal State Fullerton!!! I am thrilled to get to play Columbia (she has always been my favorite!!) with the very same live performance group that was featured on the Special Edition DVD of “Rocky”!!!! This show is FREE and not to be missed!! You can see it on…..

**WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24th at 7pm in the Titan Theatre at Cal-State Fullerton!
I am super excited about this show, I hope to see you there!

Before you indulge for the holidays, get a head start on burning those calories – there is no better way to do that then LAUGHING!
John and i will be back as your hosts at Osaka Joe’s in Morro Bay for a PRE-Thanksgiving Comedy Show on…

**SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, again from 9pm ’til 10!
The Osaka shows are FREE with FREE parking 🙂

After that, follow us back down to LA for The Crispy Comedy Show at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank:

**SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25th at 9pm!
The show is $10/person with a two-item minimum, but get this – they sell bottles of Yoo-Hoo there. Seriously! Mmm…
FREE parking in the structure next door.

And as always, if you are throwing a party for the holidays (know any Scorpios who could use a surprise birthday party??), make it unforgettable by inviting *Marilyn Monroe* for mingling, photos, and maybe even a song or two!

Thank you so much for your support, and thank you for checking my blog! It means SO much to me 🙂