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Somber Times Call For Entertainment More Than Ever

First off, I am obligated to “bring the realness” and address what is happening in the world, so I’m going to begin with the bad and bring it back around to the good, so please bear with me:

It’s hard to open your eyes these days without seeing some kind of explosion on the news. It’s very disappointing to me as a human being that we do these things. I have seen, as I am sure you have too, a few tasteless jokes and a couple of horrifying images showing up lately. You don’t have to worry about seeing any of those on my website or social media venues, as I am not comfortable behaving as if gore is the norm. We are fortunate in this country not to live in a war zone, becoming desensitized to violence and forced to see graphic mortality on a regular basis, and I find a lack of journalistic responsibility shameful. There is no need to take an awful situation and make it worse by exposing all ages and creeds to such evils. Seeing those images does not HELP us, and it does not provide us with a new understanding of “reality.” All it does is steal innocence and diminish hope and optimism, and none of that is a good thing. Along with the world news, I am currently waiting to hear back from a veterinary clinic about the well-being of a stray kitty that I found, half blind and dragging his legs behind him. So far they have told me that the left-eye blindness is neurological and may correct itself, and – the bad news – that the sweet thing had been shot with a pellet gun. Sometimes I wish I weren’t a human because of the things they are capable of, but I also realize that if I weren’t a human I couldn’t have helped to save this cat.

It’s times like these that entertainment is the most needed, if for no other reason than to remind us all of the positive qualities, actions, and beauty that IS still all around us.

So let’s move onto a lighter note or two!
I am grateful to have been involved in a beautiful vintage bridal show last month. Bridal shows are a wonderful thing to attend in any capacity, as they tend to be in rooms full of hope and elegance and cheer. Everyone is feeling excitement and eagerness and optimism for their big day, and artisans of all kinds are putting their best paintbrush, lace, cake or shoe forward. I hope to be invited to many more of these! Thank you to everyone who brought their smiles to this one.

The comedy show at The Ranch was also a pleasure! I grew up in the Paso Robles area, so the show kind of turned into a friends and family reunion of sorts. It never ceases to amaze me who from my past shows their support at different times.
I would like to take a moment to send all of you who have come to my shows my heartfelt appreciation: Without the support and laughs of you amazing people, I don’t know how much more bitter and sarcastic my jokes would have become. BUT FOLKS! In all seriousness, seeing familiar and caring faces in the audience has filled my spirit with light and love, and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me and really making the effort to share those moments with me. I am so grateful for your friendship, support, and unwavering kindness and generosity. THANK YOU, from the bottom, top and middle of my heart. And the sides of it, too.

Ok, so now that we’re all feeling mushy and warm, here are the UPCOMiNG APPEARANCES!

Marilyn Monroe Events: TUESDAY, APRIL 23rd at the Mid-State Fairgrounds’ Event Center from 4pm to 7pm
FREE entry to the “There’s No Business Like Your Business” Expo, where there will be wine, snacks and freebies, as well as giveaways! I’ll be there singing, taking pictures, and feeling the wind in my pleats! Oh, and I have *shiny new merchandise* available!
Find the Event on facebook!

Comedy Show: WEDNESDAY, MAY 1st at the Universal Bar & Grill at 9:45pm
FREE show, FREE parking, NO food/drink minimum! It’s a birthday show, so it’s late and it’s complimentary, because the producer is planning to be in a good mood 😉
4093 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, California
Find the Event on facebook!

I have a few photo shoots scheduled, so this is it for now, but as always, keep checking back for updates!!
And keep your chin up. We humans have endured worse times than these, and we will bounce back again, I promise!