New Look!

Me – not the website!
I finally gathered up the courage to chop off my long blonde locks and go short and brunette! It’s like seeing a different person in the mirror, but umm….. that’s nothing new for me! Haha
haircut ashI’ve got a bunch of ideas I’m working on bringing to life, trying to focus on one at a time so they actually get created at the level of quality I like to guarantee, but I’m just so excited about every one of them!!! Some are a bit more complicated than others, but I’m looking forward to sharing them with you as they’re hatched! In the meantime, I’ve got another tv appearance in post, so I’ll keep you posted about the release… and as always, you can catch me on YouTube every week on Marilyn Monday!
beachyThe channel is growing steadily, but the more you share the videos with friends and fellow Marilyn fans, the sooner we can start creating better, higher-budget content with extras like special celebrity guests and contest giveaways! Thank you for all of your support on the road so far, we’re really looking forward to a great future with you guys.
Oh, August 28th will mark the *6 month anniversary* of Marilyn Monday!!!
That’s right, as of that date, we’ll have brought you 28 weekly videos, plus a few bonus *special occasion* videos!
We’ve got a bunch more in store for you, too, so please share your favorites like crazy so we can grow and really get cooking!!
Thank you for finding us so early on in the game, just imagine what we can accomplish together in another six months!
As always, if you’re looking for an actress, celebrity impersonator or comedian to host your game night (trivia, bingo anyone?), or to sing for you and your guests at a birthday or party, or to cut the ribbon at your grand opening, or be a judge at your pageant, or entertain (you and) attendees at your next trade show… or you know, anywhere entertainment is needed… you have your choice of Marilyn, Lucy, Jeannie, Elsa, Goldie and many more RIGHT HERE with Ashley Clark!!! Have costumes, will travel!
If you’re a venue that’s looking for a great live show, you’re in the right place as well! Ashley offers a full-length variety show complete with comedy, music, celebrity impersonators, magic, and even drag stars!! If you have special requests about your preferred talent line-up or types of acts, just let us know what your event requires and we’re happy to arrange the perfect guests stars for your unique show experience.

See you on Monday, if not sooner!!

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