WOW, What A Rush!

The past few weeks I’ve had aren’t your typical thrill-seeker’s dream, but they’ve certainly got me all revved up!

The biggest challenge for me in this post (heck, in this BUSiness) is to give you the information while I toe the line between coming across as arrogant and bragging, or coming across as ungrateful for these wonderful happenings, so lemme just start with this: I assure you, it’s neither. I’m super excited about this stuff, but also very humbled by the chance to be a small part of great things.

I’ve been pounding the pavement for what seems like forever and a day, and these past few weeks are starting to feel like the labor tree is bearing some fruits! Now, objectively – I haven’t landed some starring role in a groundbreaking film or anything. It may not seem like much, but the struggle is real, and any actor knows that you face a LOT of rejection and heartbreak before you get a tiny sliver of light. Well this post is to share with you that I’m seeing a little bit of that dream-lifting light! And I’m not taking it the teensiest bit for granted. I’m adding that light to my bathwater and soaking up the glow!

First things first, the scrape with destiny that seems to have started this little snowball – I had the greaaat fortune to bump into BOBBY FARRELLY at an event I was working!!! He even helped me pick my books off the floor, in a perfect nerd-girl meets nice-guy scenario. Maybe the rubbing of those elbows transferred a little Hollywood pixie dust and helped the universe organize my recent luck…

Then: A while ago I filmed for a TruTV show and they have finally started *airing the new season,* so that’s more good news!! Keep your eye on this website, I’ll let you know when my episode airs!

The next thing I know, I get called to be part of one of my all-time FAVORITE TV shows!!!!
I’d been watching them win all kinds of awards this season, cheering them on, and lo and behold I get called to work background!? Now, being an extra is not glamorous, it’s not some amazing role that becomes your “big break,” but being side by side with the actors who play characters who feel like family is one surreal feeling, and it was another chance to brush up against destiny for me. Plus it was a day in the life I’ve wanted to lead since I was two years old: On a professional set, surrounded by hardworking, good people who are all working together to create something original, and something that truly makes people FEEL something strong and wonderful. In a room surrounded by dreamers and creators. Home.
Maybe someday I’ll be a regular on a series like this, but for now… I appreciate this.
If you’re following me on ANY platform, you won’t be able to miss my announcement when the episode airs!!!

There have been a few Marilyn events, lots of Marilyn Monday videos – OH! I FINALLY broke 100 subscribers to my channel!!! Another great thing!!! I was able to claim the MarilynMonday url on YouTube, so I’m a bit easier to find now! We’re coming up on a YEAR of weekly videos, and boy has it been a lot of work! Especially with all of this other stuff going on at the same time. But it looks like it may become something, so let’s see what happens.

Also, I got new headshots (since I couldn’t stand not being blonde for a minute), so this replaces August’s updated pic:

I am looking forward to telling you the names of the shows, and a little more good showbiz news that I’m still keeping quiet about, but for now, this is all I can say. So CHEERS and good fortune to you! ‘Til we meet again…!


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  1. I’m so happy to hear all that! Your hard work is paying off. Can’t wait to see the projects you’re talking about!

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