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Excitement Avalanche!

They say it is always quietest before the storm… Well after a couple of months of sporadic comedy shows and Marilyn gigs, things are definitely taking off!

Here’s what you missed:

I was so fortunate to shoot a promo/commercial for Disney Junior in June – can’t say much about it yet, but stay tuned and I will post more about that when it’s available to watch!

Speaking of Disney, yours truly has returned to the Disneyland Resort! I’ll only tell you this: You’ll find me there in the ONE place you can find Marilyn Monroe…(and I’m NOT talking about the rented shops in Downtown Disney!) Only the biggest Disney buffs will know where this is!

And speaking of MARILYN, I had *so much fun* in Laguna Beach as Marilyn for the Festival of Arts VIP opening night! I even got to play with a Charlie Chaplin character – what fun!
Then, Motorcar Parts of America called on me again for their big 60th Anniversary trade show at the Pomona Fairplex! Of course, I got to sing “Happy Birthday” for the big 6-0, and I even got to reminisce with Elvis – aka George Thomas from “Return of the Superstars”! Remember THAT?

In other good news, a friend once again enlisted me as his substitute acting teacher. I always love getting to see the talents of new students, so raw and eager!! Teaching is a great way to remind yourself of the youthful dreams you have, and it certainly motivates you to go after them! When you’re a child, you want to be everything, and you really believe that you CAN be (because, well, you CAN!). Now I know why adults put so much pressure on kids to attack their goals *immediately* after graduation – because life sure has a way of beating them out of you, and making you think you “don’t have enough time” for such things. That’s like saying you don’t have time to love!

For years I gazed up at the Improv stage, wishing I could get up there and make people laugh, and once again on July 30th, there I was. I can’t take full credit for being up there, of course, it was Ian Bagg’s show after all, but performing in front of a crowd at the Improv clubs (I have always felt at home there, as opposed to the other clubs, which feel more intimidating to me) gives me such a wonderful feeling!! I am so glad I didn’t let the nay-sayers hold me back (yes, there were nay-sayers!). Giving other people enough control in your life to alter your choices and your life’s path… is giving up your own greatest power – the power of drive. I may have always been driven, but the times in my life where I gave my power to others who did not want what was best for me are the darkest times I have experienced. The universe was trying to tell me to chase after my goals with a vengeance, and when I didn’t listen, it scrrreamed!
Ever since I have dedicated my focus to following my happiness, everything has changed. The world has opened up. Dream after dream began to come true – heck, I even started working as a princess with other current and former Disneyland Cast Members!
(Pictures available in Gallery album “The Entertainer”!)
(For information about booking these lovely, talented, gorgeous princesses, check out the Once Upon A Time Character Company! And make sure to tell Amy Jo who sent you 😉 )

I keep wondering what amazing things will happen next… and being swept off my feet!

And now… Here are my UPCOMING EVENTS!
I can’t wait for these, and I hope to see you soon!!


— TUESDAY, AUGUST 20th at 8:30pm – Underground Comedy Club at La Cave!! FREE ENTRY, 1-item min!
Address: 1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

— WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th at 7:30pm – Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at Old World Restaurant!! FREE entry, FREE parking, GREAT German food, GREAT cause!!
Address: 7561 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

— THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th – The MAIN ROOM at The World Famous Comedy Store!! 8pm
Address: 8433 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

— SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2013, 8pm – The San Pedro Theatre Club
Free parking (meters are off after 6pm), $25 tickets
624 S. Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA. 90731

I also have a few private Marilyn events coming up, so if you are thinking about booking me for one of those, do it SOON ’cause spots are filling up FAST!
See you in the funny papers!