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I got a haircut and went strawberry!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way:

The end of 2014 is shaping up to be a little bit INSANE, so try to keep up!

I have started lapping myself and RE-visiting some of my favorite princess birthday families! That’s so much fun! It is an undeniable perk to get to meet the kids at their birthday parties, and THEN see how much they’ve grown up a year later!! There is no better job anywhere ever!! If you haven’t made one of your family’s little ones’ birthday super-unforgettable with a “celebrity appearance” yet, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Once Upon A Time Character Company‘s list of characters! Trust me, this is absolute MAGIC!

I am also fortunate enough to be working with Corporate Kids on their latest charity event the WHOLE weekend of October 10th! This group steps up across the GLOBE and brings kids together who share common obstacles and they basically create the best weekend-camp they can imagine! I am so, so excited to be a part of this!

I got to “work” at San Diego Comic-Con this year, too, promoting Yahoo! Screen and the hit show Community! It was my second time at Comic-Con, and I always, always enjoy being there!! This time I also got to have FREE SubWay Sandwiches and drinks and chips, as they were giving this away FREE for 4 hours to celebrate Community coming back for a new season!!! SDCC is basically a giant party for everyone within a ten block radius.

I got to work with Nick Cannon, Julianne Hough and Angelique Bates (along with Samsung) at the Dlby Theatre this month, and we BROKE A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! Ok, so it was just the record for most selfies taken in an hour, but hey – we did it! History made!

Reserve Saturday, November 8th on your calendars, you’re going to be at Angel Stadium in Orange, CA!!! This year’s charity baseball game is going to be even more fun than last year’s! Exclusive access to everything from the locker rooms to the VIP lounges, food catered by Katella Family Grill, see baseball legends on and off the field, the National Anthem sung by yours truly… This is a GREAT TIME to spend with your whole family, and it’ FREE!
Skip the big league crowds, sit in the BEST SEATS!
You can JOIN THE EVENT on facebook for all the details!

Don’t forget to book your holiday parties’ entertainment, too!
I’m thinking Marilyn can be a kitty cat this year for Halloween… Trick or Treat?
Need someone to inappropriately serve the dishes to your Thanksgiving table, or to be your pretend family? May I suggest Louise & Tina Belcher from “Bob’s Burgers”?
And of course, “Laugh-In” Christmas Elf Goldie Hawn is available to help guide your guests through your White Elephant party, if she can just understand how it’s supposed to work!

As always, check-in at my Fan Page for all of the new pictures and character events!
As far as I know I have no comedy shows on the books at the moment, but give me a minute to catch my breath and I might notice one!!

Hey 2014, you just might be redeeming yourself :p Way to wait ’til the last minute, eh?!