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Driven to succeed and establish a reputation as a reliable asset in the entertainment industry, Ashley is constantly growing, learning, and honing her craft as an actress, model, singer, impersonator and comedian. She is always on the look-out for interesting, fun and meaningful projects!

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Ashley was born in Torrance, CA to parents Rex and Sherry Saint’Onge, following her older brother by three years, Rex, Jr. The family moved to Toluca Lake when her father was a cartoonist at Warner Bros. Studios, and later moved again to San Luis Obispo when Rex Sr. left Warner Bros. to fully pursue his lifelong career as a paleontologist.
Ashley grew up heavily involved in theatre, dance and comedy, with a strong focus on the history of entertainment, mostly due to her family’s history in the field – Her second cousin was Al Capp, the creator of the Li’l Abner comic strip series, and her great uncle was character actor Milton Frome (who was a straight man for Milton Berle, and a major player in the USO tours in the Abbott & Costello era). Ashley began doing stand-up comedy for her third and fourth grade classes and never looked back. She started her studies in theatre in the 6th grade, and many lead roles were to follow.
She was asked to model for a professional mermaid calendar by a local photographer when she was in the 8th grade, which set the foundation for her strong modeling background – she was the “littlest mermaid” among her older model peers. Ashley studied acting at several schools, including courses at Blue Rider Studios in Los Angeles and even seminars in Manhattan. She focused on the Arts at her high school, and emceed a theatre festival called Dramatic Connections, a gathering of theatre programs in Southern California. Her natural passion for entertaining drew her to the character department at Disneyland, in which she flourished for three years.
Disneyland provided a very natural parlay into the world of character acting and celebrity impersonation. Since her “debut” in 2011, Ashley has quickly become an internationally award-winning Marilyn Monroe tribute artist, also performing with equally high-standards as Lucille Ball, Goldie Hawn, Audrey Hepburn, and many other roles. She has performed these roles all over the world, including Chinese television spectaculars and special events in Liverpool, England and Dublin, Ireland. Her work on the ICN TV network in China lead directly to a great opportunity, where Ashley got to travel all over the western united States filming with a crew for a Chinese travel show encouraging tourism to the US. They even flew her into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter!
Keep an eye out to see Ashley on television in ads for Las Vegas Tourism, and as you’ve never seen her before on a show for Game Show Network and Hulu, “Hellevator” (also available on Netflix)! If that isn’t enough, find her on YouTube every Monday with her channel “Marilyn Mondays“! Also coming soon, look for her upcoming appearance on TruTV’s “Hack My Life”!
Ashley began doing hand modeling and voice work in the last few years, as well, always eager to add another feather to her cap. You can currently see her hands swiping around on Disney Jr. for their “App-isodes” ad campaign, and hear her voice on beauty websites everywhere as the voice of the professional ASP nail brand (see Videos page!).
Between on-set and on-stage gigs, Ashley has supported herself financially in many widely varied fields, from security at Warner Bros. Studios to aerospace parts testing – she has touched things that are now roving around on Mars!
She is now an active stand-up comedian, model, character performer, voice-over artist and actress traveling all over the globe with her husband, fellow comedian and actor John Clark. They live in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, when they have time!

In a more serious vein, Ashley penned a children’s story that gently and metaphorically explains to young girls why they must protect themselves by keeping distance from domestic violence that is caused by a loved one. It is also therapeutic for parents in this situation who seek help in guiding their children through this difficult lesson. This children’s book was written with the goal of hopefully helping little girls avoid growing up to experience tragic abusive encounters, and help them through a time should they be unfortunately put in that situation as a child. It is also a tool for mothers who are stuck in the middle to guide their children into understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Ashley is eager to make appearances, distribute copies of the story, and do live readings of her story if your domestic violence shelter has interest!
(Publishing agents interested in this story may inquire through the Contact page of this website.)

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