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I Love It When A…Flan…Comes Together

It’s almost Halloween!!!!!

Every year I say that Halloween is my favorite holiday. But then, I also say that about Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Groundhog Day.
The last few years, John and I have done team costumes (Carol Burnett’s curtain rod dress with Tim Conway’s oldest man, and even Mr. Garrison – yes, me – and Mr. Slave). This year will be no different!! But I won’t tell… yet!
I’m not sure how Halloween went from being about the dead rising, to dressing up as ghouls, to dressing up as the latest pop-comedy reference or double-entendre, but I also am not too concerned with it because…. *drumroll* there’s CANDY involved!!
Ok, I lied – my favorite holiday is the day AFTER Halloween, when all of the candy is on Clearance.

…Now that I’ve shaken out the excitement of October’s big day, on with the updates!

I was so fortunate and honored to be involved (as Marilyn) in the industry event of the year for Waste Management professionals (read: the mafia… right??) at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center! These are the folks who keep the planet clean, beautiful, and renewed… THANK YOU to Swana for inviting me to be a small part of it and to thank you all in person for everything you do!
(Pictures in my Marilyn photo album)

In the fashion realm, SF Productions called on me once again to perform in their latest Bridal Fashion Show, this time at the Staples Center!! I was excited to wear a pinky-peachy bridesmaid dress with lots of girly bows – Pics are in my Fashion album!

If you want to see me strut the catwalk LIVE… you can!
I’ll be “bringing bridal realness” to the runway once again THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20TH at Sweetpea Ranch in Upland, CA!
For tickets and more info, check out SF Productions’ Event Page! Come catch the bouquet!

I have a few other surprises coming up, but let’s not spoil them with words… Let’s WATCH them!!
More specifically, let’s watch…one!
Click on over to my ViDEOS Page and you’ll get to see my newest badge of honor – one of the commercials in the series for Disney Junior’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”!!! Yes, you heard right, the commercial is finally UP for your viewing-and-sharing pleasure!!!

The OTHER holidays are fast-approaching, so if you are planning to throw a big, fabulous family bash with all the relatives, perhaps consider a SUPER cool thing for the kids’ table – a REAL LIVE PRINCESS!!!
Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel… you name her, she’ll be there! Check out Once Upon A Time Character Company for THE best you will ever find!! Tell Amy Jo that Ashley sent you!
Or, if your party is Adults Only, how much FUN would it be to invite MARILYN? What better Christmas card than one with a Hollywood LEGEND in it?
Ok, you don’t HAVE to put me in your Christmas card, but it sure would give me the warm holiday fuzzies 🙂

I may very well be delirious from all of this running around, so it’s probably best I leave it at that for now, but keep checking in to Ashleyland for more exciting news, videos and pictures!! And hey, why don’t you come on up and see me some time? I’m just a couple of comedy shows away!