You’ve found it! The page of video evidence that I, like Bigfoot, really exist…!

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Here’s a little teaser for the “Hellevator” episode I got to be sooo spooky in. You can catch the entire episode on GSN, Hulu and Netflix!

Planning a little vacation to Las Vegas?
Check out these tourism ads I was just featured in for a few great ideas that AREN’T already on everyone’s Instagram 😉

This music video from LA band Fatal Jamz! What a gorgeous shoot around LA and Catalina Island. SO happy with this. Enjoy!

REEL of my various “Marilyn” footage, rolling to a recording of me singing “Diamonds…”
If you are seeking a professional Marilyn Monroe performer, WATCH THIS!

Look for me in commercials on Disney Jr (including the one below) for “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” as a “Pirate Mom”!
You may also spot my hands swiping around whenever they run an ad for their Disney Jr apps!

Starting February 2017, I began posting a new Marilyn-driven video on my new YouTube channel “Marilyn Monday” EVERY Monday!! Nowadays, I post a video every OTHER Monday.
This one below is the first (of the silliest ones), but expect to get a few serious glimpses of my interpretation of how Marilyn would have played Holly Golightly, some factual Marilyn myth-busters, and more! Visit the channel and leave a comment to request a video you’d like to see!

If you *MUST* see my stand-up withOUT having to leave your oh-so-comfortable desk chair and be around *gasp* other people, then here is a CLIP of one of my live shows… but I still expect you to come out of your caves and see a show!! It won’t hurt, I promise 😉

Voice-Over work for ASP professional nail brand, currently featured on the homepage, and on the Sally Beauty website!

A tiny phone-cam clip of my favorite Live Event character – the very near-and-dear to my heart Goldie Hawn as she was on one of the world’s greatest shows ever, “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”!

Filmed LIVE at Universal Studios Hollywood’s CityWalk, ICN TV Network and Tianjin TV in China included me (as Marilyn Monroe) in a global broadcast of their hit competition show “The Return of Superstars!” This is my award-winning television performance of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” with an introduction by hosts Fred Dryer and Shelley Liu!!

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Thanks so much for your support, I am so grateful to have had you as a guest on my website.

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