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Enjoy The Moment…

…for you never know what will happen in the next one!

I’m still mourning Robin, and I have a few other people to go before I can even begin to comprehend Joan – Sorry, honey, take a number. I’m not ready to mourn you yet, because you’re STILL SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

RIP Robin Williams, my teacher Gregg Williams, Elaine Stritch, my other teacher’s son Joel, Lauren Bacall you-beautiful-thing-you, John’s grandma Doris, Don Pardo, Joan Rivers. So much light has been lost so quickly in this tail-end of 2014, I am not able to fully grasp it yet.
Then again I still get misty-eyed about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett… and Dom DeLouise… and Jonathan Winters… so there is that.

I’d like to celebrate LIFE with all of you. For the rest of this bizarre year, let’s live it up and share new memories together! Being near those who you love (and of course, who love YOU right back!) is a gift, and any of of those we’ve lost would testify to that!

I hope to personally have the chance to bring smiles to your faces, whether it’s with comedy, improv, or character work… Here are some excuses to drag the aforementioned people you love to their dancing feet:
-Get another unforgettable night out of that princess dress you bought your little girl for Halloween and invite a *real princess* over for a Royal Ball with her whole class!
-Invite * Goldie * to be your Christmas Party Elf (like NONE other, I promise you – she’s also more than happy to emcee your White Elephant gift exchange, though she might not know what is going on…at all)!
-Wake your granddad on Christmas Day only to find * Marilyn Monroe * in his stocking!
-Celebrate your favorite shy-guy’s birthday with a surprise singing telegram of “Happy Birthday” in that oh-so-breathy voice that only Marilyn can quite pull off!

Being an actress, impersonator and a comedian is a lot of fun (a lot of WORK, too), but it really isn’t meaningful without an audience. As much fun as I can have WITH you, it’s not entertaining at ALL if I’m by myself, in my living room. It’s strange, truly. Without an event, without you lovely people, I am but a brush without paint. So I’d like to give a giant THANK YOU to those of you who have supported my constant studying and scouring and detailing and honing, by calling on me to do what I do best – entertain YOU!
Because we ALL need a laugh now more than ever with all of the recent losses, I am taking off $50 of the normal rates out of respect for those legends we’ve lost. Consider it the pouring out of a forty into the street, or whatever it is the kids are saying these days :p

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