Looks like we made it. Look how far we’ve come, my ba— ok, that’s enough.

We’re finally starting to poke our heads out of the isolation brought on by the big Panini. Shows were cancelled, venues were shut down, entertainment companies everywhere lost a LOT of what they had built. Everyone did! But we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is soo very welcome! I hope you are coming out of the shadows stronger, but without too many new scars. We’re surviving the Gauntlet.

I have been busy continuing to create and release videos and livestreams on my Marilyn Monday YouTube and Patreon, and I am no longer a broadcaster on Bigo Live. Facebook decided that I was TOO good at playing Marilyn, I guess, and suspended both my personal facebook page AND my instagram account. The isolation of a panorama coupled with the isolation of losing ALL of my online contact with friends, family, fans and clients is really a big hurdle. I can no longer use facebook messenger to video call little girls in the hospital as their favorite princesses. I can’t promote my comedy or Marilyn work to potential new customers or show bookers. All of my online conversations – budding relationships with new venues and managers for potential comedy shows or tour sponsorships – suddenly just gone. Scratch. Square one.
My business pages are all still there, but I can no longer access them to provide updates or to reach out to confused clients. I’ve updated my old Bigo instagram account as @marilyn.on.patreon, but the follower count is verrrrry low. All of my businesses have been completely crippled. And for what?

I’ve pretty much had to just pivot.
I sold everything I couldn’t carry and changed my entire way of life! That’s right, 2020 was the end of the world AS I KNEW IT, and everything has changed! I saw my loss of everything I had built as a kind of freedom to start with a clean slate. I could go anywhere, do anything…

My husband John and I bought an RV, grabbed our cat, and hit the road. We’re touring our comedy/variety show to every outdoor and socially-distanced venue across the U.S. offering laughs and entertainment to a world that hasn’t seen many live shows in a long, long time. If you have a venue (or know of one in your area) you’d like us to wake back up, use the Contact form right here on this website and we will bring Laugh Tours right to you! I no longer have the strong promotional platform I had worked so hard to build, but every different venue has the ability to lift the show up where its customer base can see it! I’m taller in person, anyway, so let’s network!
We’re contacting drive-in theatres, beer gardens, wineries, campgrounds, parks – anywhere you’ve got a patio, we’ve got the equipment and the chops to bring your business (or home, why not?) a really fun night out, to share some laughs with others, like in the before times. Let’s get together and be a community again!
We’ve begun our venture on the Central Coast of California, and we’re starting to build a tour from this starting point, with Oregon coming up soon! We’d like to visit every state, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
We’re planning to spend at least a year on the road across the country, and then start venturing out past the borders and introducing ourselves in neighboring countries, where we can still roll in with the RV. Once we’ve done a lap or two, we will start planning our next international tour across the various ponds! We wanna see it all! So where ya from? We’re on our way!

Wherever you are from, you can follow our misadventures (we do everything the hard way, haha) on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Patreon! I will warn you, though – it’s a LOT of content about Kitty!
We will be posting show flyers and schedules on the above-mentioned pages as we land bookings, so please follow, subscribe, etc! I’ll try to keep this website updated as well, but… I mean, check out the last time I posted, haha… I pretty much devote myself to my Patreon patrons and YouTube audience, so I do apologize if you prefer to get your news from this site! I’ll do better!!

Thank you for your time, support, and for believing in me. When I felt like the world was shutting me out, like I wasn’t welcome online, it was hard not to feel that virtual rejection seeping into my daily world in the global quarantine. You few ride-or-dies (and my relentlessly supportive and optimistic husband) have really kept me from feeling like I should just give up and be a lonely beach bum!! It could’ve been truly bleak! I’m really looking forward to continuing to do what I do best, and hauling all of my wigs and costumes across the country like some kind of drag circus performer. I genuinely can’t think of anything that would make me happier.

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