Monthly Archives: February 2015

Loss and Distraction

I apologize for the relative silence the past few months…
I am mourning the loss of my life’s best, truest friend – my 18 year old cat, Kiki. She was born on my twelfth birthday, and we shared a love that left others reverent, through to the day she died and forever. It was a rocky road to the somewhat abrupt end of her little path, but she couldn’t have had a more peaceful and comfortable transition, which came naturally at our home, surrounded by love.

I have been inconsolable. However, inactivity is unbearable as well, since it forces us to be alone with our thoughts, so I have been very active in the way of working.
I was fortunate to be brought back for year #4 at the Grammy Awards with MasterCard, and as an additional pleasure I distributed Grammy gift bags for American Express as well!
Several princess and Marilyn events have funneled through recent months, but even now it’s hard to remember what has transpired. It’s all been a blur since our final week with Kiki, when her health took such a steep dive.
She has been the axis of my entire world since before I was even a teenager, so without her I have just been reeling…

In time I will be back full force, but until that time comes, I am staying busy and allowing a respectful, necessary margin of reflection and gratitude for the wonderful, love-rich eighteen years I shared with my little Kiki baby.