Monthly Archives: May 2014

Heatin’ Up!

I have been working hard lately on a travel show for China, so this picture is special: I’m in a helicopter – at the Grand Canyon!!!! And yes, I am afraid if heights. Does it show?? Haha!

The show at the Tustin Gallery (Saturday, May 3rd) was the most fun I’ve ever been lucky enough to be on at the Gallery so far!!! These just keep getting better, so be sure to catch the next one if you haven’t been yet!!

Tonight I had a BLAST with some brand-new friends on the “World’s #1 Comedy Reality Radio Show” The LIVE FROM THE MORGUE PODCAST!
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It was a lot of fun and I am hopeful to come back soon!

On a more serious, important note-
One of the most influential and cheerful teachers I have had in my lifetime – the one who finally made me think History was interesting, and HOW did I not see that before?? – is having a building dedicated to him at my old high school, and deservedly so. He has been struggling in a fight against cancer and we are now in “dark days” (his words). This dedication ceremony will very likely be the last time I see him, though I still hope it isn’t. This man is brimming with character. If there were a movie about him, he’d be a CRAZE to rival the Austin Powers franchise! I hope to someday make just that – a movie celebrating all that is the hilarious and warm Mr. Williams. He’s a man who is gentle, who has never hurt a soul. His students adore him, and want to protect him from pain or troubles. It’s rare that you find a teacher who touches so many hearts in such a pure, honest way, and I am so, so grateful to have his friendship and our shared experiences with me always.

Share your love with those around you! You never know what will change!!