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If you’d like to show your support
(while also helping Ashley cover the costs of her free princess hospital and community visits, keepsake videos and video calls to children in difficult situations, replacing her official character make-up, keeping her wigs clean and styled to her high standard, and keeping her castle-quality costumes clean and pressed, plus the time spent editing videos and setting up lights/backdrops, etc.),
you can click here to join Ashley’s Patreon Page, or even just leave a one-time donation there! Memberships start at $5/month, all the way up to $50 where you will also get a BOX of Patreon-exclusive merch in the mail! Patreon does add tax, and taxes our portion, but joining Patreon is the BEST way to support her art, and joining the top tier is the ONLY way to obtain autographed photos.

There is also a way you can purchase merchandise like photo prints, coffee cups and t shirts, stickers, coasters and more through her laughingashley RedBubble Artist account, and she will earn a percentage of every purchase you make!


She does NOT accept offers for direct donations such as paypal or venmo, because scammers gonna scam and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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