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Autumn Updates

Oh my goodness, SO MUCH to talk about!!


First off, I will let you in on this year’s Halloween costumes:
John and I were Navin Johnson and Marie from “The Jerk!” We wandered around Downtown Disney singing “Tonight You Belong To Me,” and yes, John had his chair, his brush, his lamp… and his pants around his ankles.

Unfortunately for me (especially if you’ve read my last blog!!), John chose the week surrounding Halloween to do a 7-Day CLEANSE – and I just HAD to show solidarity and join in. That’s right, folks. Halloween, and I can’t have any sugar!!!
I know. I should start a foundation or something. Tragic. Just tragic.
But I made it through the whole seven days relatively unscathed. I’m going to give advice on a cleanse in the words of the first woman to ever go over Niagara Falls in a barrel: “No one ought ever to do that again.”
(PS: Her name was Annie Edson Taylor and she was 63 years old at the time!)


I was fortunate enough to walk the runway in another bridal show with SF Productions, this time at the beautiful Sweet Pea Ranch in Upland, CA! The picture for this blog entry, actually, is from that day, and was taken by Enchanted Portraiture’s own Andrija! It was a dusty day full of gorgeous dresses!!


Singing the Anthem at Angels Stadium. Landmark in my life. There it is. Done it. Feels good!!!

If you haven’t checked out Once Upon A Time Character Company yet, then please do! I have posted pictures in my Entertainer photo album in the Gallery – do take a peek, the dresses are inCREDible!!!! I have honestly searched far and wide for a princess party company that even comes close to the quality of experience that Disneyland offers (let’s face it, Disneyland is THE standard for this kind of thing), and THIS company is the very best, bar none. It does help that all of the princesses are or were at one time “Cast Members,” so you know you are getting the real deal! Amy Jo started this company with the incredible love she holds in her heart for what it means to be a role model for little ones and making their dreams come true, and you will feel that love at your event – I personally guarantee that.


I only started playing Marilyn a little over one year ago, and now I can’t write an update without mentioning what “she” has been up to lately – she has become such a HUGE part of my life!!! Admittedly, I have always adored her and admired her drive and charisma, her talent and of course her looks and style, but I never imagined that someday I would be so deeply immersed in her story and every little detail about her routines and innermost thoughts. It isn’t always all roses (it’s amazing how differently people treat you when you are portraying such an iconic symbol of so many things… not always terribly respectful, I’ll tell you that much!), but if I am completely candid: I absolutely love, LOVE, going to work. There is a sadness beneath the character that lingers just below the surface, but the effervescent bounciness and glow is GREAT fun, and the overwhelming majority of responses is LOVE. I am so lucky to be able to “clock in” and simply smile and absorb pure love from strangers, and knowing that it is a love I appreciate as a fellow admirer makes it mean that much more to me. Playing Marilyn really does fill up my heart with joy. I am so thankful for the honor of playing such a complex, generous, and intelligent woman. Even after so many years of so-called absence, she continues to give joy to myself and those who love her. Through this, she is continuing to earn the love we feel for her. Well done, Norma Jeane. That’s our girl!

A VERY talented photographer named Emily Berl reached out to me for a project she is doing on exactly this topic – specifically, what IS it about Marilyn that keeps her SO prominent, even today? I am honored to be a part of it, and I can’t even tell you how nervous and THRILLED I was to be in front of her old-school film-winding lens!!! I don’t have any of the pictures yet, but you can be sure that when I do they will be showing up on here, and on my Impersonator Fan Page!!

I was also blown-away to be invited to a super-swanky rooftop party in Hollywood by Porsche!!!! I met people from literally ALL OVER the planet!! It was very exciting, and ultra-glamorous! I’ll be certain to post a few pictures in my Marilyning album if I can track any down….!


Ok, I think that’s all of my news this time, but as always keep checking back for updates on Comedy Shows or public Princess or Marilyn gigs you can attend!

PLEASE be safe this holiday season. Hugs to every single one of you. And unlimited, infinite thanks for continuing to believe in me <3