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Official Broadcaster!

A few of you already know that I’ve been co-producing an interactive live standup comedy show since February 25th, “SINdustry Comedy”

The First Show Flyer

A few more of you already know that I have been hired as an official host on a live-streaming app as of April.

My Original Bigo Name, and my debut!

Well, the show met the app and now you’re able to watch it LIVE from wherever you are in the world! I’ll be posting the link to every comedy show on the Facebook Fan Page and you can tune in that way and watch the show as it happens – without even downloading the app! It isn’t recorded anywhere, so you will still have to be on time if you don’t want to miss it. When the show is over, the stream is over, that’s all she wrote! Be sure to Like the facebook page and turn on Notifications so you don’t miss the next one on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month!

Next show

If you DO get the app, though, it’s a bit more fun, because then you can heckle the comedians and vote for your favorite to try their hand at the BATTLE ROYALE every season (6 months)! The comedians will bear witness to the awesome roasts provided by the couch-comics in the chat, and they get a chance to respond. The comics in the show will even choose their FAVORITE HECKLER from the online audience, too, and you could win in-app currency! Then the live audience votes for the ultimate winner of the show, the Trolls (online) or the Trolled (comics). It’s a ton of fun and we would love to have you join us as a Troll!
Shows are twice a month, every 2nd and 4th Friday night at 9pm PST, filmed live in Las Vegas, NV.
If you’d like to become a Troll, hit your app store and search for “Bigo Live.” Then, make sure you’re following me (search for “ashleyasmarilyn” after you create a profile!), because you can *only participate* if you’re communicating with ME directly!

This is my favorite kind of chatter, haha

Aside from the show, which you are also welcome to attend in person to vote on the winning Team, you can follow me on Bigo Live to see my DAILY BROADCAST (yes, you read that correctly – I’m creating DAILY original content on this app!) for all of the zany and unique things I’m doing, in ADDITION to my already loaded YouTube channel “Marilyn Monday” (new videos twice a month) and my PATREON (exclusive videos once a month PLUS crazy bonus photos, livestreams, gifts and giveaways!), and I’m STILL performing in other live comedy shows around Vegas!

Here’s my general Bigo schedule, subject to change often, and always adding more:
*TAROT TUESDAYS: I team up with another Host, BeXtra333, who does tarot readings, and I give detailed 15-minute palm readings, numerology quickies, dream analysis, and more! Very interesting stuff. We do these whenever a big (15 minutes to 1 hour) reading is requested.

*TOURIST/TRAVEL TUESDAY: If there aren’t any readings on deck, I’ll take you with me to a FUN and exciting place you’ve never heard of or always wanted to see! This last week I took everyone to Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum, and we had a frightfully good time! Stay tuned on Instagram to vote for the next Tourist location! Maybe the MOB Museum? Maybe the Haunted Museum? How about a National Park? Or a beach?

*FAN MAIL FRIDAY: The first Friday of every month, Bex and I read the best and worst from our DMs, calling out most creepers by name, and sometimes even prank calling them on a fake number app! Hilarity ensues.
If you’d like to see one of these broadcasts as an example of what you’ve been missing, there’s a one-hour video from a themed FMF cast available for all tiers on my Patreon page!

*TROLLS VS TROLLED: Every 2nd and 4th Friday, 9pm PST – 10:30pm PST! Come heckle!
*FUN FACT FRIDAY: 3rd Friday of every month, YOU pick the topic and I’LL find the craziest fun facts about it!
*SPOOKY SATURDAYS: By the light of a candle, I take video calls from Guests who’d like to share TRUE ghost stories or paranormal experiences they’ve had. We talk about everything from UFO sightings, abductions, conspiracy theories, SLIders, Mandela Effect, Flat Earth, you name it! Sometimes I have a guest who is a mortician and we learn a LOT as he explains the possibilities of dead-body stories being true or untrue. Other times we’ll share some of the bizarre and freaky things kids have said to adults that gave them the shivers. Each night I choose one of these general themes to stick to (or I bring in a NEW one!), but if it’s creepy, it’s open season!

My broadcasts almost always take place at night, between about 7pm and 4am PST, but sometimes I’ll have you join me by the pool or in the hot tub (weather permitting) for a Mermaid Monday, a swimwear fashion show, or one of the regular broadcasts, but outdoors! Sometimes I’ll even put up a spinning wheel game, and you spin the wheel to make me do silly things like sing a song or do a cannonball. I’ll be in full costume as one of my many characters (or new ones!!) at least once a month, too, so you never know when one of those will pop up! I was Venkman at the Monster Museum, and just today I was an en pointe ballerina!

There are “Player Knockout” battles every so often on Bigo (thus the “PK” posts all over my @marilyn.on.bigo Instagram), and though they can throw off my regularly-scheduled broadcasts a bit from time to time, they add a bit of excitement as I can only win if the viewers send me more gifts than the opponent’s viewers send them! I do at least two of these a month, and they’re almost ALWAYS in costume, so if you’ve got an extra couple of bucks or just wanna watch, come help me win!!!
I’m mainly there to talk to the viewers, but about once a month I’ll do a performance of sorts on one of the apps’ main “Livehouse” channels, and you sometimes get to vote on your favorite performance of the day on that channel!

A PK win!

(Ohhh, shoot, I just added this photo and lost everything I had already typed underneath it!! Several paragraphs gone… Ohh, technology, how I despise you. Let’s try that again…)

Now, I *can* have in-person guests on Bigo once in a while, so if you’ve got something interesting or fun you’d like to share, lemme know! Let’s arrange an interview, all we need is wifi!

Ok, so all of this might sound overwhelming, but FEAR NOT, because I am putting together a few videos for Marilyn Monday that explain not only Bigo and all the fun it can help you enjoy, but also my Patreon, which has also been a source of confusion for a few folks already!

As you can tell, I’m staying busy af, so if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or my Patreon, or even follow me on Bigo Live, I appreciate that sooo muuuuch!!!! Every cent goes right back into helping me create all of this content for you, and allows me to continue doing what I love and what I’m best at. I couldn’t do any of it without you, and without you enjoying it, it wouldn’t have any purpose or meaning anyway! So THANK YOU, from the bottom of my blog!