Loving Winter

Here’s my Halloween costume this year – Starlet O’Hara, from The Carol Burnett Show’s parody, “Went With The Wind.”
(Carol Burnett is my hero.)
The picture was taken in the upstairs green room at The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. For a place with SO much history and even an annual Haunted Tour, I was really surprised to see so few people there! Something must be done about this.

Speaking of historic places, I will be performing at the Ice House in Pasadena this THURSDAY NiGHT at 8pm! You can email me and I will put you on The List as my guest for HALF PRiCE tickets ($10 each)! I respond to all of the emails I receive and I will provide you with the details for the show.

(On a related note, The Magic Castle in Hollywood suffered an attic fire yesterday and is now damaged from the fire and the water that extinguished it. This makes me very sad, that place has a huge amount of importance to me. My great uncle, Milton Frome, was a member there in the glory days, and you can just FEEL the class and swagger of classic Hollywood within its walls. I wish the Castle a fast recovery, and I am glad that no one was hurt. I can’t wait to go back when it is magically whole again!)


** Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 – 9pm
>The Buchanan Arms in Burbank, CA – FREE Show, FREE parking, all ages
There is a British Picadilly Shoppe attached to this venue that is AMAZiNG. Try a Curly Wurly, it’s heaven. Also, the venue serves fantastic fish and chips, as well as other English favorites such as Shepard’s Pie that you really can’t get anywhere else in town. They even serve your hot tea the right way (in a large kettle, with a side of cream). It’s a great place, and there will be live music as well!

**Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 – 8pm
>The Ice House in Pasadena, CA (Annex Room) – $20 tickets (half price if you email me), valet and street parking
The Ice House is a great place to catch the TOP comedians. Give yourself a good hour or more to breathe the place in and read some of the timeless autographs and gaze at the incredible photos on it walls. History is all around us!

**Thursday, November 10th – 8pm
>The Beauty Bar in Hollywood, CA – FREE show, street parking, 21 and over
Arrive early for a good parking spot and to unwind a little. It will be good time with lots of other funny comedians. This will be a room full of really good friends, a cozy atmosphere!

I will be taping a lot this month for a bouquet of projects I have in bloom, but there is ALWAYS a chance you’ll see me somewhere! Keep smiling!!


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