The Creativity Incubator

Shaking things up, this time I’m opening with the news –

Coming soon!
Never short on fresh ideas, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (yes, the brilliant people who brought you the famous “What Happens In Vegas” ads) will soon be launching a new ad campaign and Ashley will be all over it, so keep a look-out!
Also on the horizon is a music video release that was loads of fun to shoot in some very fun locations, & also get ready for a new character in her Events repertoire!
You never know what to expect in Ashleyland!

My NYE kiss was a MAC lip gloss
My NYE kiss was a MAC lip gloss

And now, the thinky part:
I’m not sure if you watch the show Silicon Valley, but lately Las Vegas has felt like a giant Incubator that has been nurturing my need to be creative and expressive. I’ve been digging through boxes looking for old tubes of acrylic paints and canvasses, organizing my character costumes and trying to decide if I should clear some away to make room for new ideas and exciting projects… There is something big in my soul that has been waiting not-so-patiently to erupt into being, and I am going crazy trying to isolate the idea and clear its path!
Like any artist, I’ve got tons of unrealized visions and ideas just sitting around in the corners of my mind waiting to see if I’ll ever give them my full attention. They’re in various stages of development. Some of them are terrible but I refuse to let them go. Some of them are amazing but nearly impossible to make with available resources. Some of them are just an intangible feeling that wants to be expressed. Some would even be simple to create but just feel overwhelming or out of reach for some reason. It’s like the opposite of Writer’s Block… Like Writer’s Overload. The best way out? Collaboration. Let’s make something!

Tried out a new hair color, just for fun!
Tried out a new hair color, just for fun!

I’m not one for “New Year’s Resolutions” (they all too often fail), but I do have a standing mantra that serves me every day, all year long: Create something unique that elicits an emotional response from another human being. I don’t always achieve it right away, but I can’t help but have ideas, and often the universe puts me right where I need to be with all the people and resources necessary to make something magical. I’ve never been one to walk away from something that feels right (which isn’t always a good thing, like pizza), so when I am able to introduce my ideas and bizarre little projects to such an amazing group of supportive, loving individuals such as yourself, I am truly LIVING. All I want to do is “feel” and share the “feel” with others, so THANK YOU for giving me life! I promise not to let you down, to keep on truckin’, and to keep you guessing… And I promise you that I will never stop Making the Fun. The manufacturing and distribution of the Fun is always happening over here in Ashleyland in some way, and I will always find a way to get that Fun to you! There is always more to come…
As always, please keep me in mind if you’re attending or throwing an event that could benefit from the skills I have to offer, I am always listening for the call!

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