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Music Video & Good News!!

On my Videos page, you may notice a new addition – a super-fun and artful music video shot around LA and Catalina Island!

fj banner
I had soo much fun playing Marilyn around her old stomping grounds, with Marion Belle as my “Jimmy.” The video premiered online at thefader.com where I found this excerpt:

“In an email to The FADER, Belle described the genesis of the “Gigolo” clip. “Catalina Island has always been a sacred place for us. Abby grew up sailing there with her family as a girl. We met Ashley Clark at a Hollywood Forever Cemetery screening of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, where she had been hired as Marilyn. At the time I had a song called ‘Blondes Die Young,’ and I took a picture with her. There is a haunting quality about Ashley as Marilyn that we both felt, and we kept her business card. Over time the idea came about to take a trip to Catalina with her, this kind of gauzy figure who vanishes in the end. The shoot was wild with two tiny motor boats zipping around the harbor, one with the camera and one with the actors and Abby just yelling out directions over the waves.”
Fatal Jamz’s new album Coverboy is out now via Lolipop Records.”

I couldn’t be happier with the results, I’m so grateful to be a part of it! I do hope you enjoy it as well <3


I have started a YouTube channel called Marilyn Mondays where I’ll be posting brand new (Marilyn-related) videos every week!!
I’ve only just begun, and I’ll keep growing the channel from last Monday on out – I’ll cater to what the fans want – within reason, you guys, haha – so please comment on the videos with your feedback, suggestions, requests, etc!!
I have tonssss of ideas and scripts for upcoming videos, and they’re all very different, but they’re mostly going to be reverently comedic, and vaguely satirical… but careful, you might accidentally learn something about Marilyn that you never knew that you needed to know πŸ˜‰ And you might also UNlearn some things that you THOUGHT you knew!
She was a very complex lady, so my goal is to break down the myths and remind about the surprising secrets in a fun and entertaining way.
(PLUS I’m working on some videos that are taking a little bit longer -between the weekly ones- that may surprise you and shake up some other Hollywood memories, too!)
You can Like my videos there & Subscribe to the channel so you get updates every Monday when a new video is posted (or whenever your YouTube email comes if you get one “digest” email for all of your subscriptions) πŸ™‚


Transitioning from live performance (which I am still doing more regularly than ever!) to recorded videos is a bit of a system shock, I have to admit; when you’re on stage, you know if a joke is funny or if a moment is touching IMMEDIATELY when the audience responds (or doesn’t, yikes!). With videos, you write something that you feel is fun or important or emotional, you shoot it the best you can with the weather/locations/materials/health you have, you assemble it the best you can, and then you release this vulnerable little private thing into the ether, all exposed and instantly open to judgement all over the globe! It is daunting, especially when the subject matter is particularly important to you (like Marilyn). So aaaaany feedback you have, please leave it inΒ  comment or at least click the thumbs-up so I know if I’m on the right track in creating something that people want to see.

mm me

Marilyn Monday will be a bit of a priority for me (I’ve got a creative vision that absolutely MUST be realized before I can get any rest!!), so do expect it to be updated EVERY Monday without fail…. unlike this blog has been, haha… You can count on me! Rain or shine, get your Ash/Marilyn fix πŸ˜‰
Thank you soooo much, to everyone who has shown me support!!! You really keep me going. I won’t let you down!

From the City of Angels …to Sin City

First, allow me to explain that headline:

Surprise! I’m moving to Las Vegas!
Yes, I will still be just as readily available for gigs all over the world πŸ˜‰

John and I worked the CES expo in Vegas again (and a few comedy shows while we were in town), and it’s like a light bulb turned on and burned too brightly for us to ignore!
Luckily, everyone ends up in Vegas at some point or another, so when it’s your turn to pass through, don’t forget to check in here for some really great nights! We’ll be producing several comedy and variety shows there!

Since we last left our hero……..
My inspiration and creativity is at an all-time hyper speed and I’m trying to keep up with it! I’ve done a ton of “royal” parties and events and quite a few Marilyn and TV appearances, and I got to do them all from the comfort of my nest – John and I stayed with my parents for the holidays and it’s been amazing to see them and all of my old friends. Once Vegas became a thing, I have also been making it a priority to spend time with my friends in this state before we move away, and that has been incredibly heart-warming and humbling. I am very grateful to have such amazing, supportive, and hilarious friends.
Plus I finally had the inner serenity enough to escape the city chatter and focus, scribbling down a whole bunch of the ideas that had only previously been floating around inside my head. This means soon you’ll get to start seeing those come to fruition pretty steadily!

If you or someone you know is looking for a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, actress, comedian, Lucille Ball or 1960’s Goldie Hawn character appearance, model, emcee, hostess, product demonstrator, live mannequin, brand ambassador, or princess party performer in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world, I’d be very appreciative if you’d consider me!

Well, I know you couldn’t be as excited about all of this as I am, but expect the next year or so of this blog to be updated from a place of great joy and passion πŸ™‚ I hope 2016 brings you as much motivation and returns as I hope mine will!

Fall Into Change!

London, UK
London, UK

The stand-up comedy tour of England and Ireland was phenomenally exciting!
I am so grateful for the welcoming spirit of the Irish and English comedy networks. I met some very good people, and I hope to nurture lots of new wonderful friendships! John and I were able to do a bunch of shows that were spread out enough that we could visit some incredible and historic places! I took tons of pictures and got loads of new material as an outsider to the native cultures. There are a few new pins on my map of things yet to do in this life…! You never really know what you’re missing if you don’t take a peek!

Liverpool Sunset
Liverpool Sunset

Looking ahead, I’ve been noticing that everything – not just the season – is in a state of great change. Nearly everyone I know is experiencing some kind of turbulence or turmoil, whether they are adjusting to a sudden launch of success or mourning the loss of a job or a loved one. I asked my dad what he thought of all of these life-altering shifts, and he told me this:
“I go outside and Iook around at the birds and the ground squirrels and the other animals… If they’re not packing up their feathers and booking it out of here, I know I’m good.”
It put things well-enough into perspective for me that I wanted to share this reassuring thought! The world isn’t coming to an end. We just need to accept and embrace these differences and make the best we can of them.
So I’m doing just that!


You may hear my voice on some tutorial videos that will be released regularly very soon! One is already in the can… More on that is yet to come!

Central Park, Dublin
Central Park, Dublin

I have been booking a TON of character work, so that’s on an upswing!
Even in Europe I was photographed in professional Marilyn Monroe replica clothing for Costumes By Christine, and Marilyn also got to come out and play for Dublin’s Culture Night event!
Here at home, I was thrilled to play Lucille Ball at a Ribbon-Cutting celebration in San Diego last weekend, and every upcoming weekend is filling up fast with Ice Queen parties! ‘Tis the season for Frozen-themed events, and with my newfound portability I am available almost anywhere! If you’re looking for an Elsa performer this fall or winter, you’ve found her! I also take requests for any new characters, so if you don’t see the one you’re looking for on my roster yet, just ask!
For any comedy or character appearance, I am willing to travel as far as you need, whether that is New York, Texas, California, you name it! If you’ll cover travel/lodging, I’d even love to appear internationally! I’d love to see new places like Dubai or France or Sweden, or even familiar places like Canada or Hawaii! Have costumes will travel πŸ™‚ Wanderlust or Bust!

Guess which one is me :p
Guess which one is me :p

I’m starting to work out the kinks for a major show I’ll be producing soon, so if you’re a large venue looking for big acts, I might just have what you’re looking for! Depending on what city you’re in, there may even be surprise celebrity appearances and cameos! Stay tuned for updates! I can’t even wait to tell you more! But I will.

The first place The Beatles ever played!
The first place The Beatles ever played!

If you’re a fun, high-energy rockabilly band (or if you know someone who is)… I have a great idea! We should talk!

Thames on a rainy afternoon
Thames on a rainy afternoon

I’m deeming this the Solstice of Reality, where I get all of my best ideas off the paper and into the world. Join me! If you do something creative or have a project I can offer any help on, let’s create!

Until next time, kiddos!